The Competence Passport – Login

During the project period, the Competence Passport project has developed a technical solution, a web portal, for the creation, issuance and management of Swedish micro-credentials. The platform is managed by RISE and meets current standards in terms of data storage, personal data management and handling of security-classified data*.

The portal entrance below is for you who is:

  • An organisation or employer with access to the portal for the creation and/or issuance of micro-credentials.
  • An individual who has received micro-credentials as proof of your knowledge and skills.
    Please note that as a private individual, you log in with BankID

If you are an organization or business that is interested in trying to create and issue micro-credentials to private individuals or employees, you are welcome to contact RISE via Linnea Svenman Wiker,

*The portal processes personal data in accordance with RISE’s classification level 4 “Highly sensitive”, due to the fact that individuals’ social security numbers are stored.
This means, among other things, that the data is stored on an encrypted server in its own data center and that digital distribution (of micro-credentials) takes place with an encryption solution approved by RISE.