About the project

Kompetenspasset is an exploratory collaborative project funded by Vinnova and driven by RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden, the Swedish Public Employment Service, and the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education, in close cooperation with the Swedish Council for Higher Education and several pilot organizations that continuously test and evaluate the project’s work. The project started in September 2021 and runs until June 2024 with the goal of developing and testing a Swedish model for micro-credentials based on the EU’s recommendations for lifelong learning and employability.

The project works from multiple perspectives to understand and build knowledge about the role of micro-credentials in linking workplace qualifications with the competence development opportunities offered in both formal education and other learning contexts. The project focuses on understanding and developing how micro-credentials can support a more comprehensive and inclusive strategy for recognizing prior learning and existing competencies.

Micro-credentials have the potential to enable individuals to document and recognize their learning, which can enhance both their own and organizations’ competence and competitiveness. By providing digital evidence of, for example, what a course includes and what has been learned, these credentials can be integrated into digital wallets and contribute to increased skills provision.

The project’s results and developed materials are continuously made available through this website, so that more people can access and use the methods and models being developed.